Offense: Who has made the Biggest Impact in D3 Men’s Soccer?

As the regular season winds down, we’ve taken a look at several D3 Men’s Soccer stats and put together a list of players making the biggest impact throughout multiple stats collected on the offensive end of the field; Total Goals, Total Points, Shots on Goal, and Game Winners.

Below are those that have excelled in each of these four categories. You take a look and decide who has made the “Biggest Impact on Offense” in D3 Men’s Soccer?

Voting will close at 7pm on Thursday, 11/2.

(Stats are for games played through 10/24 per the NCAA website)

Joey Dolan, Jr./Mt. St. Mary’s (NY)

Mt. St. Mary’s Joey Dolan (MSMC Athletics photo)

7 GWS’s (3rd)
17 Total goals (T7th)

35 Total points – 17 goals/1 assist (T17th)
2.00 Shot on goal/game (T53rd)

Brenden Valverde, Fr./Penn State-Berks

Penn State Berks Brenden Valverde (Penn State Berks Athletics photo)

3.00 Shots on goal/game (1st)
19 Total goals (T3rd)

44 Total points – 19 goals/6 assists (4th)
4 Game winners

Patrick Santini, Sr./Gettysburg

Gettysburg’s Patrick Santini (Gettysburg Athletics photo)

8 Game winners (1st)
19 Total goals (T3rd)

42 Total points – 19 goals/4 assists (4th)
2.81 Shots on goal/game (4th)

Alonso Fragoso, Sr./Marian (WI)

Marian (WI)’s Alonso Fragoso (Marian Athletics photo)

23 Total goals (1st)
53 Total points – 23 goals/7 assists (1st)

2.71 Shots on goal/game (4th)

Brett Mattos, Jr./St. Joseph’s (ME)

St. Joseph’s Brett Mattos (St. Joseph’s ME Athletics photo)

45 Total points – 18 goals/9 assist (3rd)
18 Total goals (T5th)
6 Game Winners (T5th)
1.94 Shots on goal/game (T69th)

Danny Ruple, So./Baldwin Wallace

Baldwin Wallace’s Danny Ruple (Baldwin Wallace athletics photo)

18 Total goals (T5th)
42 Total points – 18 goals/6 assists (T5th)

2.24 Shots on goal/game (32nd)
3 Game-Winners

Leo Hermann, Sr./Franciscan

Franciscan’s Leo Hermann (Franciscan Athletics photo)

17 Total goals (T7th)
41 Total points – 17 goals/7 assists (T7th)

6 Game winners (T5th)
2.47 Shots on goal/game (21st)

Max Lopez, Jr./Chicago

UChicago’s Max Lopez (Maroon Athletics photo)

7 Game winners (T2nd)
14 Total goals (T28th)

31 Total points – 14 goals/3 assists (T30th)
1.93 Shots on goal/game (T73rd)

Troy Remillard, Sr./Western New England

Western New England’s Troy Remillard (WNE Athletics photo)

21 Total goals (2nd)
46 Total points – 21 goals/4 assists (2nd)

2.53 Shots on goal/game (17th)
5 Game winners

Fabio De Sousa, Fr./Rutgers-Newark

Rutgers-Newark’s Fabio De Sousa (RNU Athletics Photo)

7 Game winners (T2nd)
2.74 Shots on goal/game (7th)
15 Total goals (T17th)
36 Total points – 15 goals/6 assists (T14th)


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